Assigning Report IDs to Notifications

Every notification should correspond to a batch job that will search through orders and items looking for notifications to be sent out.

To Assign a Report ID to a Notification:

  1. In the Notification Reports window, in the Code field, specify the notification code.

  2. Enter a description for this notification code in the Description field.

  3. Click the AssistButton to the right of the Report ID field and select a report that will collect data. This report corresponds with the notification type it is chosen for.

  4. Select the Blocked check box for the lines that should not be visible in the Notifications window and send from the Notification Worksheet window.

    If you have created a notification worksheet line in the Notification Worksheet window and run the Suggest Notification Lines batch job for this line, but the corresponding notification has later been blocked, two things will occur. First, the corresponding notification lines will not be sent. Second, a message will appear, informing you that the notification has been blocked.

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