Notifying Purchase Managers About Unconfirmed Purchase Orders

This notification is sent to let a purchase manager know if a purchase order confirmation has not been received within a specified number of days after it was created.

To Send a Notification About Unconfirmed Purchase Order:

  1. Select the Send Notifications check box in the Notification Setup window.

  2. In the Notification Setup window, click Setup, Notification Reports. Make sure that there is no check mark in the Blocked check box for the POCONF notification.

  3. In the Notification Worksheet window, click the AssistButton to the right of the Batch Name field. In the Notification Worksheet Batches window, select your batch job name.

  4. Click the AssistButton to the right of the Notification Code field. The Notifications window for your batch job appears.

  5. In the Notifications window, select the POCONF notification, which will be sent to Business Notification.

  6. To generate notification lines to be sent, go to the notification line you have just added and click Line, Suggest Notification Lines. On the Purchase Header tab in the Unconfirmed Purchase Order window, specify what filters you want to set on purchase headers. On the Options tab of this window, specify the number of days since orders were created. Click OK.

  7. In the Notification Worksheet window, click Functions, Send to Business Notification. In the message box that appears, select whether you want to send only new notification lines or send all notification lines and click OK.

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