Items Not Received Batch Job

With the Items Not Received batch job, you can search the purchase order lines and select the lines with late deliveries.

Purchase Header tab

On the Purchase Header tab you can define what will be included in the batch job by setting filters.

No. field: Enter the number of the purchase order you want to find.

Buy-from Vendor No. field: Enter the number of the vendor from whom you have bought the items.

Purchaser Code field: Enter the code of the purchaser that works with this vendor.

If you want to include more information, you can select additional fields to be included in the batch job. To do this, click the AssistButton in the Field field and then select the relevant field(s).

If you do not set any filters, the batch job will include all your records.

Options tab

No. of Days Items Not Received: In this field, you can enter the number of days from the Promised Receipt Date, for which you want to wait before sending a notification about delayed delivery of items. The program does not select purchase order lines whose Promised Receipt Date falls within the period specified in this field. Purchase order lines that were to be delivered prior to the period specified become notification lines.

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