The Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.UI.Extensibility.WinForms namespace contains types for creating Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client control add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that have a user interface that is based on System.Window.Forms.


Class Description
DisplaySize Use this class to set the height and width of the control add-in that you are implementing.
StringControlAddInBase Base class for a Windows Forms control add-in that binds System.String type data with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and uses events to call the OnControlAddin trigger on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client page controls.
WinFormsControlAddInBase Base class for a Window Forms control add-in as an alternative to the explicit implementation of the IWinFormsControlAddIn interface.


Interface Description
IWinFormsCallback This is used internally only.
IWinFormsControlAddIn Defines the IWinFormsControlAddIn interface.