The TableRelation property and SQL Server relationships are automatically synchronized when you create a table and when you redesign a table. However, there are some situations in which you may need to manually synchronize the relationships. Examples include after you have:

Table relationships are not generated or maintained when you import a .txt file.

To initiate the synchronization process manually

  1. On the File menu, choose Database, and then choose Alter. The Alter Database window appears.

  2. Choose the Integration tab.

  3. Select the Synchronize check box and choose OK.

    This check box is only enabled when there are table relationships that need to be synchronized because of inconsistencies in the TableRelation property.

    If an error occurs during the synchronization process, you receive an error message informing you that a particular table has an invalid relationship. To correct this error, you must modify the TableRelation property of the table in question in the Table Designer and then manually synchronize the relationships again.

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