You can restore a database from a backup file that you created with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV backup tool.

To restore a database backup

  1. In the development environment, on the Tools menu, choose Restore, and a standard Windows dialog box opens. Use this window to locate the backup that you want to restore.

  2. In the Restore window, navigate to the location of your backup file, and then choose the Open button.

  3. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAVRestore window, choose what parts of the backup you want to restore. The options include the following:

    • Entire Backup - This includes all companies in the database, the data common to all companies, and all the application objects.
    • All Companies - This includes all companies in the database and the data common to all companies.
    • Custom - This includes what you choose.
    If you are restoring the backup into an empty database, then you must include data common to all companies and application objects.
  4. Choose the OK button to start restoring the backup. A status window opens containing information about the restore progress.

    Restoring the database backup does not usually take a long time, but because the data is packed, the subsequent process of generating the complete data can be time-consuming, depending on the amount of data.
  5. Restart the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.

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