Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides a basic MenuSuite that you can modify, or you can create a new MenuSuite from the basic MenuSuite. You modify an existing MenuSuite by designing it in Navigation Pane Designer. You can modify the shortcut menus, which typically represent a department area. You can modify the department menu either directly from the shortcut menu or in the Menu Properties window. This procedure describes how to modify a department menu in a MenuSuite. For more information about how to modify a menu item, see How to: Modify Menu Items in a MenuSuite. For information about how to create a new MenuSuite, see Walkthrough: Creating MenuSuites for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client.

To modify a department menu in a MenuSuite

  1. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, choose Tools and then choose Object Designer.

  2. In Object Designer, choose MenuSuite.

  3. Choose the MenuSuite that you want to modify, and then choose Design to open Navigation Pane Designer.

  4. In Navigation Pane Designer, select the department you want to modify, and open the shortcut menu. From here, you can make the following modifications:

    • Delete the department menu.
    • Rename the department menu.
    • Move the department menu to a different location.
    • Hide or show the department menu.
    • Disable or enable the department menu.
    • Change the properties (Caption, CaptionML and Bitmap) of the department menu in the Menu Properties window. Changing the caption in the Menu Properties window is the same as renaming the department.
    The department tabs are located at the bottom half of Navigation Pane Designer. The design level and the name of the department that you selected are shown at the top of Navigation Pane Designer.

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