When you set up a connection to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Part, you must specify a provider field and consumer field on which to map data.

To form a working connection, the Web Parts must satisfy the following conditions:

If you are connecting more than two Web Parts on a SharePoint page, the order in which the Web Parts were added to the page is important. The provider Web Part must be added before the consumer Web Part. Otherwise, the data that is displayed can be incorrect and inconsistent.

To connect a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Part

  1. On the SharePoint site, open the Web Part page that contains the Web Parts that you want to connect.

  2. On the ribbon, choose Page, and then choose Edit Page.

  3. Determine which Web Part will be the provider and which will be the consumer, and then use one of the following procedures:

    • On the Web Part menu of the provider, choose Connections, choose Send Row To, and then choose the name of the consumer Web Part.
    • On the Web Part menu of the consumer, choose Connections, choose Get Filter Values From, and then choose the name of the consumer Web Part.
  4. In the Configure Connection dialog box, under Connection Settings, set the Provider Field Name and the Consumer Field Name boxes to the fields on which to map data between the two Web Parts.

    The Provider Field Name and Consumer Field Name boxes contain all fields in a row of the underlying database table. For example, if you are connecting a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Part that contains the Customer List page from the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database as a provider, then the Provider Field Name box contains all fields in the Customer table of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

  5. Choose the Finish button.

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