The regional settings for Microsoft Dynamics NAV data that is displayed on a SharePoint site is determined by the regional settings of the SharePoint site. This differs from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, where the regional settings are determined by the regional settings of the computer that is running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. SharePoint Server 2010 has the following regional settings.

Setting Description


Specifies numbering, sorting, calendar, and date and time formatting.

Sort order

Specifies the sort order for lists and libraries.

Time zone

Sets the time zone for the SharePoint site.


Specifies the type of calendar to use as the primary calendar for the SharePoint site.


Sets the currency format for the SharePoint site. The default currency is determined by the locale.

You can change regional settings on a site-by-site basis. A site collection can consist of a top-level site and one or more subsites. The regional settings for the top-level site of a site collection are automatically set based on the default language of the site collection. When you create a subsite, the subsite inherits the regional settings of the parent site. If you are a site owner, then you can specify different regional settings.

To change the regional settings for a SharePoint site

  1. Open the site on which you want to change the regional settings.

  2. On the Site Actions menu, choose Site Settings.

  3. On the Site Settings page, under Site Administration, choose Regional settings.

  4. On the Regional Settings page, select the settings that you want for this site, and then choose the OK button.

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