You can add beep sounds to your ADCS solution. To do this, you add the keyword _BELL_ to a string for the miniform that has the functionality you want to modify. The keyword is case sensitive. The following procedure demonstrates modifying codeunit 7705, which controls the logon screen for a handheld device.

To add a beep sound to an ADCS string

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, and on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.

  2. Choose CodeUnit, and from the list, select a codeunit for ADCS miniforms, for example, codeunit 7705.

  3. Choose the Design button. The C/AL Editor opens.

  4. On the View menu, choose C/AL Globals.

  5. Choose the Text Constants tab.

  6. For each string for which you want to sound a beep, append the following code to the end of the string.

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    The following is example code.

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    Invalid User ID._BELL_

    For a double-beep, append the following code.

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    Recompile the codeunit.

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