While you are installing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, you get an error, and it does not install. The Windows Application log in the computer's Event Viewer includes an event with a description that is similar to the following:

SQL database login for 'SharePoint_Config' on instance '[SharePointdatabaseinstance]' failed. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Login failed for user '[XXXX\SharePointComputer]'.

SharePoint_Config is the default name of the SharePoint configuration database. The name of the database for your installation may vary.


This error occurs because the SharePoint Timer service cannot log on to the SharePoint_Config database on the instance of Microsoft SQL Server that is used by SharePoint. To deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Setup creates a SharePoint Timer job through the SharePoint application programming interface (API). The SharePoint Timer must have access to the SharePoint_Config database.

To resolve this issue, add the logon account of the SharePoint Timer service as a user of the SharePoint_Config database. Give role membership to the account db_owner.

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