Specifies the system setup options for the current database.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Options.


Field Description

Object Cache (KB)

Specifies the size of the object cache, in kilobytes. Objects such as code, descriptions, and windows that are used on the computer that is running the development environment are stored in the object cache.

Values: Any integer value

Default: 32000


Specifies the path of the location to store temporary files that are created while Microsoft Dynamics NAV runs. These files are automatically deleted when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is closed.

By default, these files are put in the Temp folder for the user, such as <C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Temp\>

Status Bar

Specifies whether the status bar is displayed in the development environment. The status bar displays the following:

  • Name and contents of the active field
  • Current user ID
  • Whether you are working in Insert (INS) or Overtype (OVR) mode

Values: Yes, No

Default: Yes

Close Forms on Esc

Specifies if the active window in the development environment closes when you press Esc.

Values: Yes, No

Default: Yes

Marquee Full Selection

Not relevant in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Quick Find

Specifies whether quick find is enabled. If quick find is enabled, then you can search for an entry in any non-editable field in the development environment by typing a letter or number. You can also type the complete name of the element you are looking for. When you type a letter or number, the Find window opens automatically and the first row that matches what you typed becomes the active row.

If quick find is not enabled, then you can open the Find window by choosing the Edit menu, and then choosing Find.

Values: Yes, No

Default: Yes

Max. no. of XML records to send

Not relevant in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. For more information about similar functionality, see the MaxNoOfXMLRecordsToSend setting in Configuring the Windows Client.

Auto-Lock on Design

Specifies if you want to automatically lock objects when you open them for design in the development environment.

Values: Yes, No

Default: No

Server Instance

Specifies the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance that is being used.

Format: <host name>:<port>/<server instance name>

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