Shows all key groups that are defined for the current database and whether the group is enabled or disabled. You can enable and disable key groups in this window.

For more information about how to open this window, see How to: Enable or Disable a Key Group.

Key Groups

Table keys are used to determine the order in which records in the table are stored. They also let you define indexes on the table. For more information, see Table Keys. Maintaining table keys places a large demand on the system resources. You can improve performance by disabling or removing the keys that are not used. Alternatively, you can enable or disable a set of keys that are included in a key group.

When you re-enable keys that have been disabled, a sorting procedure that requires free space in the database is run.

There are several predefined key groups that you can enable or disable. For more information, see How to: Enable or Disable a Key Group.

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