Gets and sets the work date for the current session.

[WorkDate]:= WORKDATE([NewDate])



Type: DateThe new work date you want to set. If you omit this value the function returns the current work date.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Date

The current work date.


This function returns the work date chosen using the Work Date option on the Tools menu. If the user did not select a work date, then the current system date is returned.


This example shows how to use the WORKDATE function. This example requires that you create the following text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Name ConstValue


The work date is: %1

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The first line of code sets the work date to January 1, 2014. In the second line of code, the WORKDATE function returns the current work date. On a computer that has the regional format set to English (United States), the message window displays the following:

The work date is: 01/01/14

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