Sets a value that indicates whether a field, page, or control can be edited through the UI.

Applies To

  • Pages, including general page properties and Group, Part, and Field controls
  • Table fields

Property Value

Yes if the field or control can be edited; otherwise, No. The default value is Yes.


For fields, use this property to make a field for display only.

For controls, if the Editable property for the container that contains this control is set to No, then that setting overrides what you enter here.

If a page has Editable set to No, then the controls on the page are not editable, even if the individual Editable properties are set to Yes.

The property setting is checked during validation. Validation occurs only if the field or control value is updated through the UI, for example, if a value is updated on a page or if a field is updated in a table. If a field is updated through application code, then the Editable property is not validated.