When a user creates a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, that user is automatically assigned the SUPER permission set in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system. There are different ways to create a database, including performing a Demo install (which creates the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database) and restoring a previously backed-up database. The SUPER permission set allows the user to read, use, change, and delete all data and all application objects within the scope of the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV license. This user is then responsible for creating additional users and for assigning appropriate permission sets to those users.

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work properly, the SUPER user must have the appropriate permissions in SQL Server, such as system administrator or db_creator permissions. When Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Setup creates the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database in SQL Server, the current user is added as a database user with db_owner permissions.

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