You can use filters to view specific data on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV page based on a given criteria. Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client supports the following methods for filtering data.

Method See

On Web Part pages, use Web Part connections to filter on a single data field.

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Parts to Other Web Parts

On pages that are displayed by using a URL, add a filter query string to the URL.

Displaying Pages in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint Client by Using URLs

Add filters from the C/AL code by using the SETFILTER and SETRANGE functions on fields.

SETFILTER Function (Record)

SETFILTER Function (FieldRef)

SETRANGE Function (Record)

SETRANGE Function (FieldRef)

On List type pages, use the Quick Filter field that is displayed at the top of the page.

How to: Set Filters

By combining these methods, you can set up multiple layers of filters for filtering on more than one data field.

All filters that are defined for the page are included in the FILTERGROUP(0) of the underlying data table for the page.

Filtering Limitations Compared to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client has the following limitations on filtering compared to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client:

  • Advanced filtering on List type pages is not available.
  • The filter action in the action strip on ListPart type pages in page parts is not available.

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