Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework enables you can display Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports on Microsoft SharePoint sites. There are two ways to display pages and reports:

Limitations of Reports on a SharePoint Site

Reports have the following limitations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework compared to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

  • Cannot specify filters in the report URL.
  • Limited filtering on the request page.
    There is a limit on the number of filters a user can set. The user can only specify one filter in addition to the number of filter fields that are set by the ReqFilterFields Property or the SETRECFILTER function in C/AL code.
  • Cannot print a report locally without a request page.
    If a report is run by calling the REPORT.RUN Function and the function call does not use a request page, then you must set up reports to print from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, otherwise you will get an error at runtime. Client-side printing is not supported in this scenario. For more information, see How to: Specify Printer Selection for Reports and STARTSESSION Function (Sessions).
  • Sorting on a report from the request page is not available.
  • Cannot display reports in Web Parts.

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