You can have one or more credit cards attached to a customer. In this procedure, you set up a new credit card from a customer card.

When you open the Credit Cards page for the first time, the following credit card types are generated:

To set up a credit card

  1. On a customer card, in the Action Pane, click Related Information, point to Customer, and then click Credit Cards.

  2. Click New to add a new credit card for the customer.

  3. In the No. field, a unique number will be generated if the number series for credit cards has been specified on the Payment Services Setup page. If not, enter a unique value here.

  4. In the Type field, select the credit card type. You can select among the predefined common credit card types or create new credit card types.

  5. In the Card Holder Name field, enter the name of the card holder.

  6. In the Number field, enter the credit card number. The credit card number is validated according to its type.

  7. In the Expiry Date (MMYY) field, enter the credit card's expiration date in MMYY format.

  8. In the Contact No. field, select who to contact for issues about payments with the credit card.

  9. Close the page.

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