To integrate and synchronize data between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, you change Microsoft Dynamics NAV to expose pages as web services and initialize integration records in the Integration Records table. In this procedure, you change settings in the Marketing Setup window in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to support this integration and synchronization.

After you have turned on integration and completed the setup and configuration of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, data is automatically synchronized. You can set and change how frequently data is synchronized in the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

To turn on integration

  1. Open the Marketing Setup window.

  2. On the Synchronization FastTab, select the Enable Connector check box.

  3. Exit and start Microsoft Dynamics NAV again before you configure the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

  4. After you enable the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, you must restart the following services:

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

    After you select or clear the Enable Connector check box, all users must reopen either the Classic client or RoleTailored client to connect to the database.

    For more information, see the "Enabling Web Services to work with the Microsoft Dynamics Connector" section in Troubleshooting: Integrating with the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

Importing Data

If you import new record data into Microsoft Dynamics NAV after you have turned on integration, then you can follow this procedure to populate the integration ID, which is a GUID, for the new records.

To provide new records with connector metadata after you have turned integration on

  • In the Marketing Setup window, click Actions, point to Functions, and then click Generate Integration IDs for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

    Generating integration IDs may take several minutes. When integration IDs have been generated, you will see the following message: The integration data has been added to the tables.

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