In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, you can use the Page Wizard to add a FactBox to a new page. A FactBox is an area that is located on the right side of a page, and you can use FactBoxes to display other pages, charts, or system parts.

Shows FactBox on a Sales Order

You typically use a FactBox to display information that is related to an item on the main content page. For example, on a page that shows a sales order list, you can use a FactBox to show customer details for a selected sales order in the list.

A FactBox is divided into one or more parts that are arranged vertically. Each part can contain one of the following objects:

Using the wizard, you can add a FactBox on the following page types:

If you want to add a FactBox without using the wizard, see Walkthrough: Adding a FactBox to the Customer List Page in the MSDN Library.

To add a FactBox to a page using the wizard

  1. In the Classic client, on the Tools menu, click Object Designer.

  2. In Object Designer, click Page, and then click New.

  3. In the New Page dialog box, click Create page using wizard, and then select one of the following page types from the list:

    • Card

    • Document

    • List

    • ListPlus

    • Navigate

    • Worksheet

  4. To associate a table with the page, in the Table text box, click the AssistButton, select a table, and then click OK.

  5. Click OK to go to the next step in the wizard.

  6. Continue the wizard until you get to the step that asks you about which FactBoxes to include on the page.

  7. Depending on what part you want to add, click either the Page, System, or Chart tab.

  8. Select the part from the list, and then click the > arrow to add it to the Part Order list on the right.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to add more parts.

    The part’s vertical position in the Part Order list determines its vertical position in the FactBox on the page.

  10. To remove a part, click the Page, System, or Chart tab based on the part type, select the part from the Part Order list, and then click the < arrow.

  11. Finish the steps in the wizard.

    For more information about the wizard and creating pages, see How to: Create a Page in the MSDN Library.