How to Subscribe

Internal users need to subscribe in order to receive notifications. In order for you to be able to subscribe, either you, or a group that the you are a member of, must have permission to subscribe.

The subscription is made through a Web browser. The URL to use is "http://<servername>/BusinessNotificationSubscribe", where <servername> is the name of the server where the Business Notification server component is installed.

The first page you see is the My Notification Subscriptions page This page contains a list of existing subscriptions (if any). You can check to see the e-mail address your notifications are sent to by clicking My Information. This is the e-mail address that is registered for you in Windows.

To add a new subscription:

  1. On the My Notification Subscriptions page, Click Add New.

  2. On the Select new Notification Subscription page that appears, click the option button to select the notification that you want to subscribe to. Then click Add Selected. Note that you can only select one notification at a time.

You are automatically returned to the subscription list and can see the notification you just added in the list.

To delete an existing subscription:

  1. On the My Notification Subscriptions page, insert a check mark to select one or more subscriptions in the list.

  2. Click Delete Selected.

  3. A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the selected subscriptions.