Finding out about Business Notification

Business Notification makes it possible to automatically notify employees as well as business partners about changes within Navision. For example, if a BOM (Bill of Materials) is changed by a product designer, other departments need to be aware of the changes: purchasing needs to adjust to the new or changed components; sales may need to inform customers about delays; and so on. Without an automatic process, this important information is easily lost.

The topic Getting Started in 3 Minutes shows how  you can quickly start using Navision and Business Notification together. In How Does It Work? there is a more in-depth description of exactly how Navision and Business Notification work together, and Designing and Using Notifications introduces what needs to be set up in the Business Notification tools. Reading these topics will provide you with enough information to get started. The chapter called Concepts contains an explanation of each of the key concepts that are used in Business Notification. It is meant to be used as an easy reference to specific concepts, but it is also arranged so that it can be read from beginning to end.

The reference guides for the Notification Manager and for the Notification Designer are meant to be used as guides when you start working with the tools themselves. Both guides contain references to the user interface, as well as more topical guides for using the tools. The chapter called Creating Events in Navision outlines what needs to be done in Navision (by a C/AL developer) in order to create new solutions, while the topic, Templates Description, briefly describes the six pre-defined solutions that come with Business Notification.