Getting Started in 3 Minutes

The easiest way to get started is by using a template. A template contains everything that is needed, but it still needs some minor changes that are specific to how your company operates.

To start using a template:

  1. Create a copy of the template you want to use in the Business Notification Manager (the template itself is write-protected) by clicking New from template. The copy of the template is opened for editing in the Business Notification Designer.

  2. In the scheme, you can review and change the filters, the e-mail message, and so on.

  3. If you do nothing else, you must give at least one user permission to subscribe to the notification.

  4. When you have finished, save the scheme.

  5. To complete the scheme, click Complete. This will move the scheme to the list of completed schemes.

  6. To start the scheme, select the scheme and click Start.

The user that you have given subscription permission to can now subscribe to this notification.

From within Navision, when you have at least one subscriber, you can cause a notification to happen . Once you have done this, the subscriber should receive an e-mail message. For a more detailed description about how to cause a notification to happen and about templates, click here.


The following topics provide more information about how Business Notification works:

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