Configuration Files

In the file called Web.config there are two settings that you may need to change. You can find the file on the computer where the Business Notification Server is installed, in the folder \ProgramFiles\MicrosoftBusinessSolutions\Navision\BusinessNotification\DeploymentServer (if you installed in the default location; otherwise in the equivalent folder on your system).

If you change your SMTP server after installation, you must:

In the <appSettings> section, change "localhost" to the name of your (new) SMTP server:

<add key="SmtpServer" value="localhost"/>

(Note: If you used another name than "localhost" for the SMTP server during installation, this name will be the "value" instead of "localhost.")

You might want to change the logging level. To do this:

In the <appSettings> section, change the "value" in the following:

<add key="applicationLogLevel" value="debug"/>

to one of the following:

Unless you have very specific reasons, for example that the log gets very large, use "debug."