This topic briefly describes some of the other controls that are available when working with forms.

Command Button

A command button is not related to data. It performs an action when the button is clicked, or when ENTER is pressed, or when the SPACEBAR is pressed while the button has the focus.

Menu Button

A menu button can be clicked just like a command button, but it does not perform an action. When you click a menu button, a menu opens containing a number of menu items that you can choose.

Menu Item

The lines in a menu that can be chosen are called menu items. Each menu item resembles a command button because it can perform an action when you click it.

Sub Form

A subform control is used to display a second form in a control on a form (a main form). This allows the main form to show data from two different tables. For example, the main form could be a card form and show records from a customer table, while the subform could be a tabular form and show details about any purchases the customer has made.

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