The request form for a dataport contains a tab for each data item and an Options tab, where users can specify the name and location of the external file. If you do not want users to be able to change filters for a data item, or if the dataport will run without a user interface, you can change the request form to not include a tab for the data item. To remove a tab for a data item, you set values for key, sort order, or any table filters.

Caution noteCaution

Even if you use the following procedure to set a value for only one of the properties, the data item tab will be removed from the request form.

To set values for a data item in Dataport Designer

  1. In Dataport Designer, select the data item, and then open the Properties window.

  2. In the Properties window, in the DataItemTableView property, click the AssistButton.

  3. In the Table View window, set values for the properties that you want to predefine. The following table illustrates the properties.

    Property Value


    The sorting key. For example, No. for the No. field.


    The sort order. For example, Ascending.

    Table Filter

    Filters to limit the data. For example, No.=FILTER(<2000).

  4. When you run the dataport, the request form will contain only the Options tab and tabs for any data items where you have not set values.

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