Using the form wizard you can create a card form or a tabular form. This topic describes how to use the form wizard to create a card form. For more information about how to use the form wizard, see How to: Create a Form with a Form Wizard.

To create a card form

  1. In the form wizard, select Card-Type Form, and then click OK. The Card Form Wizard opens.

  2. Choose between a plain form and a form with tab pages. Enter a caption or name for each tab that you want and click Next.

  3. From Available Fields, select the fields that you want to include on your form by using the arrows.When creating a form with tab controls, choose the tab on which you want the fields to appear. Switch between the tabs by clicking them.

  4. Use the Separator button to insert vertical space between the controls. Insert column breaks by clicking the Column Break button.If you need more than three columns, consider creating tab pages instead.

  5. Click Preview to see what your form looks like.

  6. Close the form, and click Yes to save it. The Save As window appears. Enter an ID number, enter a name for the new form, and choose whether to compile the form now. To compile the form later, select the form in Object Designer, and click Tools, and then click Compile.

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