When you use Windows authentication to control access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, users are given a Windows login. Windows logins correspond to the Windows users and groups of the Windows domain. These are administered and listed in a separate table and window.

How Windows Logins Work

With Windows authentication, when a user tries to connect to a server and open a database, he does not have to supply a user ID or password. Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically determines whether a user, who has already logged on to the network, has a valid Windows account and access is granted to a particular server.

If the user is allowed to access the server, Microsoft Dynamics NAV checks to see if the user has been assigned a Windows login within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If the user has a Windows login, he will be granted access to the database.

The user will be granted access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and be given the permissions specified for that Windows user and those specified for any Windows groups of which he is a member.

If the user does not have a valid Windows account or if the account does not include permission to log on to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, authentication fails, and the user receives an error.

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