This section describes the CaptionClass functionality and explains how the CaptionClassTranslate function trigger with ID 15 in Codeunit 1 handles this functionality. The topics in this section describe the syntax and the function code of the CaptionClass.

When you set the CaptionClass Property on a field or control, users can configure the caption of a text box that is connected to a label or the caption of a check box without having to modify code. If you set the CaptionClass property on other controls, such as Buttons or Menu Items, the caption will not be displayed.

C/SIDE passes the value of the CaptionClass property to the CaptionClassTranslate function trigger, which has ID 15 on Codeunit 1. This function translates the CaptionClass to a caption that users can see. The following illustration shows this sequence.

sequence to get value of CaptionClass property

Codeunit 1, function trigger ID 15 is called with a language and a CaptionClass. The trigger converts the CaptionClass into the specific caption for that language and returns it as a string. Language is specified as an integer. CaptionClass is a text.

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