After you have created a Web service or decided that a specific codeunit or page should be exposed as a Web service, you must register the Web service so that it is available for requests over the network. Users can discover Web services from a server by pointing a browser or other tool such as Visual Studio at the computer running Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server and getting a list of available services. When you publish the Web service, it is immediately available over the network for authenticated users.

Registering a Web Service

The following steps explain how to register and publish a Web service. The name that you give the Web service will be visible over the network and should provide a meaningful indication of what the Web service offers.


If you are setting up integration with Microsoft Office Outlook using codeunit 5313, then you must use DynamicsNAVsynchOutlook as the service name.

To register and publish a Web service

  1. Open the RoleTailored client.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Departments, click Administration, click IT Administration, click General, and then click Web Services.

  3. In the Web Services page, click New.

  4. In the Object Type column, select Codeunit or Page.

  5. In the Object ID column, select the object ID of the codeunit or page that you want to expose.

  6. In the Service Name field, enter the name of the Web service.


    The service name will be visible to consumers of your Web service, so you should make it meaningful.

  7. Click to insert a check mark in the Published column.

  8. Click OK to exit the New - Web Services page.

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