The RoleTailored client has two navigation elements: Role Centers and Departments. To use Role Centers in the RoleTailored client, a new type of form, HomePage, and a new element, Home Parts, have been added.

You can add home parts to a Role Center by using Page Designer or by creating additional input when you transform your forms. This topic describes how to add home parts to a Role Center during form transformation.

There are two types of Home Parts that you can choose from:

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

For more information Role Centers, see Profiles and Role Centers in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration Help.

To add a Home Part to a Role Center

  1. In the Transformation Forms window, select a Home Page form, click Input, point to Add, and then click HomeParts.

  2. On a new line in the Home Parts window, in the Column field, enter the number of the column where you want the part placed in the Role Center.

  3. In the PartType field, select either System, Page, or Chart from the drop-down list for the type of part that you want to add.

  4. If you selected System in the PartType field, then in the SystemPartID field, select one of the predefined System Home Parts.

  5. If you selected Page in the PartType field, then in the PagePartID field, enter the ID for the page that you want to add as a Home Part.

  6. If you selected Page in the PartType field, then in the PageName field, enter the name of the page that you want to add. Use the arrow to show the name of the form ID that you entered in the PagePartID field.

  7. (optional) In the NewID field, enter the ID that you want the transformation tool to assign to the home part. If you do not enter a value, then the tool assigns an ID automatically. For more information, see Transforming Control and Menu IDs.

    The following illustration shows the Home Parts window for home page form 9005, Sales Manager Role Center.

    Adding Home Parts by using TIF Editor
  8. Close the Home Parts window to save your changes.