If the text boxes that you want to add to the form are related to database table fields, the easiest way to add them is to use the Field Menu. The Field Menu is a window that lists all the fields in the table that have been defined as the Source Table for the form. To open the Field Menu in Form Designer, click View, and then clickField Menu.

To add a text box

  1. Open Form Designer.

  2. Create a blank form based on the Customer table.

  3. Click View, and then click Field Menu to open the Field Menu window.

  4. In the Field Menu window, select the field or fields that you want to place on the form.

  5. Move the cursor into the design area to change the cursor into the Control Insertion cursor. You do not have to drag and drop; just select the fields and move the cursor.

  6. In Form Designer, click once to activate the designer and click again to insert the text boxes.

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