Properties that assist the user are a group of properties that is used to provide the user with help. If the Status Bar option is set to Yes, the caption of text boxes and check boxes is displayed in the status bar together with the current data contents of the control (if any) when the control gets the focus. To set the Status Bar option to Yes, click Tools, and then click Options.


The following table shows how properties can be used provide the user with help. .

Property name Description


This property allows you to display text that describes a control. If you enter a text for this property, it is displayed in a small pop-up window when the user holds the cursor over the control. The text should be a short, perhaps just one word, description of what the control is used for.

DataCaptionField, DataCaptionExpr

This property controls the label that is displayed on the title bar of the form window. This is a static caption, usually the name of the underlying table.

By using DataCaptionField (either at the table or form level), you can select fields from the record whose contents are displayed (and updated) in the caption bar as you page through the table. With DataCaptionExpr (only on forms) you can create a C/AL expression to be displayed in the caption bar. The expression is reevaluated when you select a new record or the present record is changed.

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