You can export a MenuSuite object in Microsoft Dynamics NAV object format (*.fob) or in text format. The text file contains information about the changes that have been made to the object since the previous level. For example, if you export a MenuSuite object in text format and then open the text file, you will see information about the changes that you have made, seen in relation to the previous level. For more information about MenuSuite Object levels, see Designing MenuSuite Objects. In the following procedure you can see how to export a MenuSuite object and an example of a text file that contains the changes that have been made to a MenuSuite object at the company level.

To export a MenuSuite object

  1. Click File, and then click Export.

  2. In the Export Objects window, select the location where you want to export the file.

  3. In File name, enter an appropriate name for the file.

  4. In Save as Type, select the format type, and then click Save.


When an administrator makes configuration changes to a menu suite, these changes are saved at the company level. When this MenuSuite object is exported in text format, the text file contains information about the changes that have been made to the object since the previous level, such as the partner level. In the following example, the administrator has made the following changes to the company's menu suite:

  • On the Finance menu, deleted a menu group called Setup, which contained one menu item called Accounting Periods.

  • On the General Ledger menu, added a new menu item, G/L Account Card, to a group in the Finance menu.

  • On the General Ledger menu group, moved the G/L Account Card menu item so that it is placed between the Chart of Accounts and Bank Accounts menu items.

In this example, the text file contains the following information.

  CopyCode imageCopy Code
OBJECT MenuSuite 70 Company
	Version List=;
	{ MenuItem ;[{FA8395A4-7A0B-4524-B0FD-20436D9711A4}] ;Name=G/L Account Card;
	CaptionML=ENU=G/L Account Card;
	{ ;[{1BB06483-AFFD-4750-BF62-3ABA035E11B7}];
	{ ;[{DF601C8A-07F7-4841-8929-9F2065BCB302}];
	{ ;[{8AC7917D-2C91-457D-80D6-A24B42F71AE7}];

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