A table in C/SIDE has a number of properties that determine the behavior of the table. When you create a table, C/SIDE automatically defines a number of default values for these properties. Depending on what the table is going to be used for and how it is related to other application objects, you may want to change these default values. C/SIDE contains the following table properties.

Property name Use

ID Property

Sets a unique identifier for the table.

Name Property

Defines the table name, which is used as the table caption.

Caption Property

Displays the table caption in the currently selected language. This value is taken from the CaptionML Property, if a value is set.

CaptionML Property

Provides the text that is used to identify a control or other object in the user interface. This property is multilanguage enabled and can contain a list of text in different languages. The text that is actually used is selected according to the current language setting of the user.

Description Property

Include an optional description of the table. This description is for internal purposes only and is not visible to the end user. A short description of the table’s purpose makes it easier to maintain the application.

DataPerCompany Property

Determines whether data in this table is available to all companies or only the current company.

Yes if data is available only to this company; otherwise, No. The default value is Yes.

Permissions Property

Defines extended permissions for the table.

LookupFormID Property

Defines the ID of the form you want to use as a lookup.

DrillDownFormID Property

Defines the ID of the form you want to use as a drill down.

DataCaptionFields Property

Defines a list of fields to be used as captions when a record from this table is displayed in a form or a page.

PasteIsValid Property

Use this property to enable inserting records into this table using the paste command.

Yes if you want to allow insert by pasting; otherwise, No. The default is Yes.

LinkedObject Property

Use this property to link to SQL Server objects.

Yes to link the table to an existing SQL Server object.

LinkedInTransaction Property

Determines whether the table can read and modify data from linked data sources, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Access, or another SQL server.

This property is only visible when the value of the LinkedObject Property is set to Yes.

For more information, see Creating Table Defintions from SQL Server Objects (Linked Objects).

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