After you have designed the tables, you are ready to begin work on the application itself. The analysis phase has already given you an overview of the answers that the application is expected to provide. The table design phase has given you a clear understanding of where and how the information will be stored. Based on this understanding, you are ready to begin assembling the entire application.

Assembling Your Application

The following table shows how to assemble the application.

Design process Description

Creating Forms

Forms are used to present or collect information. You have access to a number of design elements, such as text, data, pictures, lines, and color.

Creating Reports

Reports are used to present data as printed documents. When you want to present summary information, reports are more flexible than forms.

Creating C/AL Codeunits

Codeunits are containers for storing C/AL code. When you put the code into a codeunit, you can reuse the same algorithms many places in your application. This reduces the size of the application and makes it easier to maintain.

Testing and Refining the Application

Before you release your application, you have to analyze your design for errors. This is usually an iterative process. When you have completed all this you will have a useful application. If you took the time to plan all the steps of the application design carefully, you will also have an application that is fully documented. This will be a great help when you need to make adjustments and additions to the application in the future.

Recommended Books about Database Design

The following list shows some books about relational database design:

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  • Elmasri, R. A. and Navate, S. B. Fundamentals of Database Systems. Benjamin/Cummings.

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