In your completed application, your dataports are generally incorporated into menus, or they can be called, for example, from a command button on a form. However, when you are designing dataports, you often want to run them before they have been integrated into the application.

When you are designing a dataport, you can test-run it from Object Designer or Dataport Designer.


If the dataport is for importing data, no records are saved in the database table during the test-run.

To run a dataport from Object Designer

  • In Object Designer, select the dataport that you want to run, and then click Run.

    This runs the version of the dataport that is currently saved in the database.

To run a dataport from Dataport Designer

  • Open the dataport in Dataport Designer, click File, and then click Run.

    This runs the dataport in its current stage of development. It is not saved, which means that you can use this function to verify that the changes you are making work as intended before you save them.

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