In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1, RoleTailored client control add-ins add custom controls, or visual elements, on RoleTailored client page fields for displaying and editing data. When a control add-in is developed, it is compiled into a .NET Framework–based assembly, which is .dll file. To use a control add-in on RoleTailored client pages, you must install and configure the control add-in assembly in the RoleTailored client environment, which is divided between two tiers: RoleTailored client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SQL server database.

RoleTailored client control add-in installation

The following table outlines the tasks that you must perform on each tier:

Tier Tasks For more information, see

RoleTailored client computer

Install the control add-in assemblies.

How to: Install a RoleTailored Client Control Add-in Assembly

SQL database

Use the Classic client to:

  1. Register the control add-ins that are found in the assemblies in the Client Add-in table.

  2. Set up control add-ins on pages.

How to: Register a RoleTailored Client Control Add-in

How to: Set up a RoleTailored Client Control Add-in on a Page

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