The form transformation tool was designed with the following principles:

These principles turn the transformation into a highly automated process that makes the migration path to the new architecture as efficient as possible.

Fully automatic transformation is not possible for the standard global application or for add-ons and customized solutions. This may be caused by the following:

The more your forms deviate from the design guidelines of the standard application, the more challenging it will be to transform them successfully to pages so that they support the same functionality and are compliant with UX guidelines. For more information about the UX guidelines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, see User Experience Guidelines for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

If your goal is to retain one code base in the Classic client and the RoleTailored client, rather than moving all your application development onto the RoleTailored client, you will have to plan for some redesign efforts. For more details, see Preparing for Form Transformation by Redesigning Forms.