Properties that control input is a group of properties used to control user input. This means that these properties restrict user input to certain values or a certain length.


The following table shows properties that control input.

Property name Description


Restricts input to numeric values only if it is set to Yes.

MinValue, MaxValue

Sets a minimum or maximum value that you can enter.


Specifies the values that you are allowed to enter. Enter the values separated by semicolons, such as 1;7;4711 or a;b;c.


Specifies the characters that you can enter. You can use a range, for example AZ, to limit entry to uppercase characters only, or several ranges, for example amot, specifies two ranges: a to m and o to t.


Specifies whether an entry can be blank. If this property is set to Yes, an entry that consists of nothing, one blank space or several blank spaces is not accepted. A blank can be part of string that contains other characters.


Specifies the maximum number of characters that can be entered in a text box.


If set to Yes, entries are accepted when the maximum number of characters allowed has been entered into a table box, and it will then move the focus to the next control – that is, you do not have to press ENTER.


Specifies whether your input is displayed as text. If this property is set to Yes, your input is not displayed but shown as asterisks (******).

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