The first layer of security when you open Microsoft Dynamics NAV is database security.

Database-Level Security

After you start Microsoft Dynamics NAV and attempt to open the database, your credentials are checked. If you have not been granted permission to open the database you receive an error message.

To open a database, click File, click Database, and then click Open. The Open Database window appears. In this window you can use the AssistButton to locate the server that you want to access and the database that you want to open. If you are running on Classic Database Server, you can select the server from a list of Classic Database Servers. If you are running on SQL Server, you can select the server from a list of SQL Servers.

In the Authentication field, select the type of authentication that you want to use to verify your credentials and give you access to the database. The following kinds of authentication are supported:

  • Windows Authentication

  • Database Authentication

The authentication that you use depends on which kind of login that you have been granted.

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