Properties are a feature which can be found in every application object. This topic provides an overview of the report properties.


Properties Select properties by

The report

Clicking an empty line in Report Designer or by clicking Edit, and then Select Object.

Data items

Clicking the data item in the Report Designer window.


Clicking either the section bar or somewhere in the section (not on a control.)

Controls in a section

Clicking the control.

When an object is selected, click View, and then click Properties to open the Properties window. You can set the value of each property in the Value field. When you leave this field (by pressing ENTER or by moving with the arrow keys), the property is updated. Default values are displayed in angle brackets (<>). You can reset any property to its default value by deleting the current value and then moving out of the field. This only applies to properties that have a default vale.

How Properties Are Inherited

Controls that have a direct relationship to table fields inherit the settings of those properties that are common to the field and the control. For example, if you have an accounting application that stores calculated amounts with five decimal places (for precision), but on a printed report, you only want to display currency amounts with the usual number of decimal places. You can change the DecimalPlaces property of the text box control to display fewer decimals than the default (but not more).

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