Before you begin developing code for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, you should consider the following:

Developing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

To See

Learn what you can do with C/AL and where to place C/AL code.

Using C/AL

Learn what the C/AL data types are.

C/AL Data Types

Learn how to write C/AL statements and expressions.

Learn about debugging C/AL.

Debugging C/AL Code

Learn how to test customized objects for which code has been executed.

Code Coverage Tool

Learn about using custom controls with C/AL.

Extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV Using COM

Learn about the development environment (C/SIDE) and designing applications.

Learn about developing for multiuser environments.

Multiuser Environments

Learn about using multilanguage functionality.

Working with Multilanguage Functionality

Learn the differences in how numerical values are sorted.

Sorting Numerical Values

Learn how to use display language-specific strings without modifying code.

CaptionClass Functionality

Learn about developing applications for both the Classic client and the RoleTailored client.

Developing Applications for the Classic Client and RoleTailored Client

Supported Data Types, Functions, Properties, and Triggers in the Classic Client and RoleTailored Client

Learn about differences between developing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Changes in C/AL Behavior and Support from Previous Versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Learn about transferring files between the client and the server.

File Handling