The indicator control allows you to display values graphically, as an analog gauge. A minimum and a maximum value must be defined, so the scale of the indicator can be calculated. If you do not provide these values, default values will be used.

To create an indicator

  1. Open the form in Form Designer.

  2. Select the indicator tool, and click and drag in the design area to create the Indicator.

  3. As the SourceExpr of the Indicator, enter the value that you want to control the indicator.

  4. Set the MinValue and MaxValue properties of the Indicator.

  5. Set the Percentage property to choose whether the indicator will display percentages. If this property is Yes, the % symbol is displayed. The gauge itself is the same when Percentage is No and when it is Yes. (The percentage is calculated as ((value of SourceExpr) – MinValue) / (MaxValueMinValue))*100).

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