You can create new forms by using a wizard or by designing them yourself. This topic describes how to create a form without using a wizard.

To create a form without a wizard

  1. Click Tools, and then click Object Designer.

  2. In the Object Designer, click Form, and then click New. The New Form window opens.If you are creating a form that is related to a table, type the name of the table in the Table field. Alternatively, click the AssistButton and select the table from a list.

  3. Select Create a blank form, and then click OK. Form Designer opens an empty form. Add controls, labels, and set properties for this form. For more information, see Designing Forms.

  4. Close Form Designer, and click Yes to save the form. Enter an ID number, enter a name for the new form, and choose whether to compile the form now. To compile it later, select the form in the Object Designer, click Tools, and then click Compile.

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