Data controls display the value of a C/AL expression, for example, the value of a table field or a variable expression. The simplest expression is the name of a table field or a variable. The valid combinations of data control and data types are specified in the following table.

Control Valid data types

Check Box

Booleans and BLOBs

Option Button

All, except BLOBs

Text Box


Picture Box

Boolean, option, integer, and BLOBs


Integer, decimal, date, and time

Data controls must have a relationship to data that is defined as the SourceExpr property.

Text Box Characteristics

The text box control has the following characteristics:

  • The table field is its SourceExpr.

  • The default settings for the Name and Caption properties are the same as the setting for the Name property of the underlying table field.

  • In general, every property that is both a field property and a text box property has the value of the field property in the underlying table as its default value.

  • The text box has a label with a caption that defaults to the caption of the text box.


When you add text boxes with labels, it is better to use the Field Menu so that both the naming and the properties are consistent. If the data type of the field is Boolean, a check box is created. For all other data types, a text box is created.

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