You can use the topics in this section to learn about designing Web services and to learn about what to be aware of and what tools to use.

Designing Web Services

To See

Step through the process of registering a page or codeunit as a Web service

How to: Register a Web Service

Learn how to retrieve the list of companies

How to: Use SystemService to Find Companies

Learn about the default page operations that are available when a page is exposed as a Web service

Basic Page Operations

Read about handling any user interface interaction from Web services

Handling UI Interaction When Working with Web Services

Step through creating an extension codeunit for an existing page, exposing the page, and writing code that calls the page

Walkthrough: Creating a Web Service using Extension Codeunits

Step through creating and consuming a simple Web service with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Walkthrough: Creating and Consuming a Codeunit Web Service

Step through exposing a page as a Web service and manipulating data from that page

Walkthrough: Registering and Consuming a Page Web Service

Make Web service communication more secure

Walkthrough: Configuring Web Services to Use SSL


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot determine the origin time zone for a Web service. Therefore, all Web service communication should be in UTC. All business logic is executed with respect to UTC. For more information, see Communicating with RoleTailored Clients in Different Time Zones.

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