By default, when forms are transformed, actions are moved to the Related Information menu. To change the menu where an action is placed, use the following procedure.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

Changing the Menu of Actions

To change the menu of an action

  1. In the Transformation Forms window, click Input, point to Move, and then click Action by Caption.

  2. In the Move Action by Caption window, in the CaptionML column, find the action that you want to move to a different menu, or add a new line and enter the CaptionML property of an action.


    All actions in all forms in the application that have the same value in the CaptionML field will be moved to the menu that you specify.

  3. In the destinationType column, select one of the following from the drop-down list:

    • ActionItems

    • Reports

    If you select ActionItems, the action will reside in the Actions menu. If you select Reports, the action will reside in the Reports menu.

  4. Close the Move Action by Caption window to save your changes.

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