In the Classic client, you access forms and reports from the navigation pane, which displays menus that are contained in a MenuSuite object. In the RoleTailored client, you navigate to pages and reports by using the following elements:

You can transform a MenuSuite object that you use in the Classic client to a Departments page that you use in the RoleTailored client.

The Departments page contains the entire suite of functionality as licensed and available to the company. In this way, the Departments page in the RoleTailored client is similar to the navigation pane in the Classic client. The Departments page is also a MenuSuite object with a layered item structure but is designed specifically for the RoleTailored client.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, when you create a new MenuSuite object, you must select either the Classic client or the RoleTailored client as the target.


If you support both the Classic client and the RoleTailored client, you must maintain two sets of MenuSuite objects.

The ID of a MenuSuite object for the RoleTailored client will be the Classic client ID plus 1000, as demonstrated in the following table.

MenuSuite object in the Classic client MenuSuite object in the RoleTailored client

10 MBS

1010 Dept - MBS

51 Add-on 1

1051 Dept - Add-on 1

You transform a MenuSuite object by using the Transformation Input File (TIF) Editor. The MenuSuite transformation creates a suggestion for a Departments page that is based on the navigation pane, transformation rules, and input.

After you transform the MenuSuite object, you must verify whether you need to make additional updates to the transformed Departments page. The RoleTailored client has different functionality and different user experience (UX) requirements than the navigation pane in the Classic client. The additional updates that you make to the transformed Departments page can take advantage of the new functionality. For more information about the UX guidelines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, see User Experience Guidelines for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

To reduce the number of these manual updates that you have to make after transformation, verify that you meet the following conditions before transforming a MenuSuite object.

Condition Reason

PageType is assigned to all form objects.

Form objects will be placed in a Department Category based on PageType.

CardFormID is assigned to all list form objects with a card.

Card Form IDs in MenuSuite will be replaced with the related list.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Toolkit is installed to provide data about which reports are ProcessingOnly reports.

ProcessingOnly reports are placed in the Tasks category on department pages. Other reports are placed in the Reports and Analysis category on department pages.

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